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About Spice Like Us

Our Story

Spice Like Us is a spice production business based in Thornton, Colorado, offering a unique and flavorful experience with a wide range of spices, sauces, and canned items. We started with a passion for creating delicious and high-quality products, aiming to provide spice lovers with a diverse range of options, reflecting our commitment to using fresh ingredients and delivering exceptional flavors. To set us apart from our competitors, we value supporting local farms and using fresh ingredients. Our spices are handcrafted, adding a special touch to our products. Our website serves as a platform to highlight our diverse spice collection and attract customers who are looking for high-quality and unique options. Whether it's exotic spices from around the world or traditional favorites, Spice Like Us has something for everyone. We are committed to showcasing our products, providing customers with a diverse selection to meet their cooking, baking, and meal-enhancing needs.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

Our commitment to using fresh ingredients and delivering exceptional flavors is what sets Spice Like Us apart from the rest. We ensure that our products are always fresh, so every time you use one of our spices, you can be sure that it will enhance the taste of your food.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

As a small business, Spice Like Us values supporting local farms and using fresh ingredients, setting us apart from our competitors. We take sustainability seriously and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We source our products from sustainable sources and strive to reduce waste wherever possible.

Supporting Local Products

At Spice Like Us, we believe in supporting local producers and using fresh ingredients. Our commitment to using local products not only supports our local community but also ensures that our products are always fresh and of the highest quality.

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